St. Paul School Annual Fund

Each year, donations from families and friends of St. Paul School help students benefit from all that St. Paul’s has to offer.  The St. Paul Annual Fund is our annual appeal for contributions from alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, parents, staff, and friends of St. Paul School to help defray the costs of a Catholic education that tuition revenue alone does not cover.

These funds will support all areas of St. Paul School, including religious activities, instructive materials, technology upgrades, building improvements, and tuition assistance.  Please join us and help us reach 100% participation from the entire school community!  Every gift counts.

The St. Paul School Annual Fund runs from July 1st through June 30th to coincide with our fiscal year. Contributions are happily accepted at any time.

Giving Clubs:

Adopt-A-Student (Full Tuition) – $3,420

Principal’s Club – $500 – $3,419

Shamrock Club – $250 – $499

Irish Club – $100 – $249

Friends of St. Paul’s – $1 – $99

Checks can be made out to St. Paul School with Annual Fund in the memo spot.

Thank you to those who generously gave to the 2015-2016 St. Paul School Annual Fund:

Principal’s Club
Nikki A. Nazionale-Birkhimer, DDS
Matthew and Emily Glodowski
Phillip and Stephanie Glyptis
Shamrock Club
Mildred Ragon
Irish Club
Gary and Barbara Balint
Charles Ballato
Irene Canala
Wilson and Linda Cole
Jeff and Joann Grace
Monica Grossi
Donna Latkiewicz
Robert and Marcie Morris
Michael and Patricia Valreo
Friends of St. Paul’s
John and Alissa Brun
Jules and Cathleen Adam
J.W. and Michele Amaismeier
Ernest and Barbara Andrews
Lisa Best
Joseph and Mary Brula
Joseph Cimino
Damon and Leigh Enos
Jeffrey and Jennifer Fiedorczyk
Raymond and Sandra Gajtka
George and Jackie Gaughenbaugh
Ken and Roberta Goddard
Hayden and Shelley Greenlief
Lori and Stephen Gresko
Margaret Ann Harbert
Gabriella Harcharik
Sharon Higgins
Guy and Christine Holmes
George and Vern Kobulnicky
John and Tina Lesho
Nathaniel Marino
Robert and Terri Marino
Anthony and Mary Mazzone
Jill Mullens
Paul and Patricia Neeley
Charles and Jutta Neverly
Lucas and Kayla Parsons
Joyce Pashke
Minne Pete
Rhonda Piccirillo
Donald and Margaret Rossi
Doug and Anna Marie Sadler
Albino Scandolari
Joyce Shreve
John and Judy Sorrenti
Ryan and Ashley Sperlazza
Louis and Marge Stock
Andrew and Deena Tomshack
Rinaldo and Melissa
Andrea Vrtar
William and Terrie White
Cory and Lisa Wingett