Being new to private school education has opened my eyes to what devoted teachers, principals, and amazing cafeteria cooks the school has. My 4th-grade son has never been one to enjoy school, however, he can’t wait to get there daily. Even while learning remotely, our amazing teachers offered live classes via Zoom daily. They go above any other education system I have experienced to give our children the extra help in their weak areas.

As a firm believer in God, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that St. Paul School begins each morning with teachers and students together, as a family, saying the morning prayer. Is there a better way to start the day?

Having religion incorporated into their studies weekly gives them such a positive outlook on life and helps educate our children in areas more than basic subjects. The daily excitement my son comes home with is beyond priceless. Giving my son this unique experience of private school education is well worth the financial investment towards his future.

As a 4th grader, he has discovered a passion for coding from their incredible and advanced computer programs. This passion has grown so much he has downloaded auto cad on his computer at home to start designing his own projects.

Throughout his educational schooling, my only regret is not enrolling him in St. Paul School from the beginning. Every morning I’m not just dropping my son off at school, I’m dropping him off to his second family. They help him grow in his faith in God, his knowledge to help him in his future and the best part, I don’t worry for his safety because these teachers are more than just teachers, they are a true blessing in our eyes.