Core Classes Offered:

  • Catholic Doctrine – Christ Our Life Religious Series
  • English Language Arts – Reading Street by Scott-Foresman. Reading (Literature, Informational Text, & Foundational Skills), Writing, Speaking & Listening, Language
  • Mathematics-*enVision Math by Scott-Foresman Addison-Wesley
    • The program’s philosophy is planned and designed for understanding. The problem-based instruction gets students actively engaged in thinking about a problem. This approach shows students that their thinking is valued. Algebra is included from kindergarten through grade six.  Mathematics and literature (cross-cultural non-fiction) are combined, showing mathematics in the real world. Books in grades K-2 libraries are by Stuart J. Murphy, an expert in visual learning.
  • Mathematics – Pre-Algebra/High School Credit Algebra  (Grade 8)
  • Science – Earth, Physical, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Zoology
  • Social Studies – U.S. History/Civics/WV History/Geography
  • Fine Arts – Music/Art/Computer/Physical Education
  • Spanish I – High School Credit (Grade 8)
  • Computer Lab – Coding & Robotics, STEM, TechnoKids Curriculum/Internet Access/Smart Board Technology
  • Accelerated Reader in Grades 1-8

St. Paul is committed to Quality Education

  • NCEA Accreditation
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • History of academic excellence
  • Speech Teacher
  • Gifted Teacher
  • Title 1 Teacher
  • Instructional Resource Assistants (Small Group Instruction)
  • Strong parental involvement and family-oriented