Before and After School Care

The main goal of St. Paul School’s before and after care is to provide a safe, secure, and enriching atmosphere where the children receive quality care. Children must be enrolled in St. Paul Catholic School to receive this service.

This program is offered to serve working families of St. Paul School who desire both Catholic school education and supplemental day care in a Christian environment for their children.


  • 6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
  • 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

If later than 5:30, please call the school (304) 748-5225.

Please call the school office a day ahead of time if a child needs to utilize the morning program and/or to stay after 5:30 PM (if child is not scheduled to come in the morning, there may not be anyone onsite).

Hourly Fee:  $5.00

Registration Fee:  $25.00

Registration Fee is non-refundable and covers insurance, supplies, and initial set-up costs. Fees are paid once a year and must be paid before children can use this program. Registrations are taken any time during the school year.

There is a minimum one hour fee per day. Monthly statements will be sent to the home address.

More detailed information is available at the school office or by calling (304) 748-5225.