St. Paul’s computer lab is equipped with thirty-two (32) HP (Hewlett-Packard) desktop computers with the Windows 8 Operating System.   All computers are Internet accessible.  TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is the basis for instruction and entails the use of a variety of software, including Microsoft Office products, and the Internet. Additional instruction is given through various educational software products where students sharpen their math, science, and reading skills. Having the SmartBoard equipment and software, instruction in the Computer Lab has become a vital role in the bringing of technology into the 21st Century classroom.

In addition, we have two portable computer labs:  one contains twenty-four (24) HP Stream Laptops and one contains thirty-two (32) Samsung ChromeBooks.  These labs are used by grades 1 through 4.

We are excited about our recent acquisition (fall of 2016) of eighty (80) additional Samsung ChromeBooks for our 1 to 1 project:  each student in grades 5-8 have access to an individual ChromeBook throughout the school year and carry it with them from class to class, enabling classroom collaboration through the use of Google Drive and Google Apps, including Google Docs.