Social Studies

The St. Paul School social studies curriculum at the middle school level (grades 5-8) is dedicated to student self-esteem within the context of history and world interaction.

Skills that improve communication, problem solving, and critical thinking are emphasized at each grade level. Ethics, democratic values, and service to others are used to join the present with the past giving students the tools to build their futures.
Fifth grade students are introduced to the history of the United States. They learn the sources of our rich cultural heritage as well as the political, economic and social structures that have been developed since colonial times.
World cultures and their origins are studied at the sixth grade level to give students a global awareness and a respect for the differences of other civilizations.
The seventh grade social studies curriculum combines history and the interaction of people with the physical world in a comprehensive geography format.
West Virginia history is taught to St. Paul students in the eighth grade to create an appreciation for the history, government, and the people of the state where many St. Paul students live and could possibly remain as useful and influential citizens.
Social studies at St. Paul strives to encourage students to be aware of the world community while acquiring the knowledge to become productive and responsible citizens.