Gettysburg Address Competition

The annual Gettysburg Address Competition was held on April 30, 2018 at Brooke High School. This year a few things had changed from the previous years of the competition. The location was moved from the Brooke County Courthouse to Brooke High School and the students were allowed to have a prop to help set the mood of the speech. St. Paul School had three students compete: Mia Chiodo, Katelynd Costa, and Mia Pietranton. All 10 competitors did a wonderful job and our three sixth graders all did fantastic! In the end, Mia Pietranton won first place and brought the statue of Abraham Lincoln back to St. Paul School for the second year in a row! Special thanks to last year’s winner, Olivia Shafer, Chad Durante, and Mrs. Lorie Groh for all their help getting our students ready to be at their best. St. Paul School is so proud of the hard work put in by our students!

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