Welcome Prospective Families!

St. Paul is committed to Academic Excellence!

  • NCEA Accreditation
  • Certified Teachers
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • 80% Honor Roll Rate for the 2021 school year
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Title 1 Teacher
  • Instructional Resource Assistants (Small Group Instruction)
  • Strong parental involvement and family-oriented

Core Classes Offered:

  • Catholic Doctrine – Christ Our Life Religious Series
  • English Language Arts – Reading Street by Scott-Foresman. Reading (Literature, Informational Text, & Foundational Skills), Writing, Speaking & Listening, Language
  • Mathematics-*enVision Math by Scott-Foresman Addison-Wesley
    • The program’s philosophy is planned and designed for understanding. The problem-based instruction gets students actively engaged in thinking about a problem. This approach shows students that their thinking is valued. Algebra is included from kindergarten through grade six.  Mathematics and literature (cross-cultural non-fiction) are combined, showing mathematics in the real world. Books in grades K-2 libraries are by Stuart J. Murphy, an expert in visual learning.
  • Mathematics – Pre-Algebra/High School Credit Algebra  (Grade 8)
  • Science – Earth, Physical, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Zoology
  • Social Studies – U.S. History/Civics/WV History/Geography
  • Fine Arts – Music/Art/Computer/Physical Education
  • Spanish I – High School Credit (Grade 8)
  • Computer Lab – Coding & Robotics, STEM, TechnoKids Curriculum/Internet Access/Smart Board Technology
  • Accelerated Reader in Grades 1-8

We celebrate the success of our students not only in the classroom and in the community, but also in athletics. St. Paul School participates in the Wheeling Catholic League and Buckeye Mountain Athletic Conference.

Sports Offered at SPS:

Fall Season

Boys Football (7/8)
Girls Volleyball (7/8)
Girls Basketball (5/6)

Winter Season
Boys Basketball (5/6 & 7/8)
Girls Basketball (7/8)

Spring Season
Girls Volleyball (5/6)
Girls and Boys Track and Field

For more information, please call the school office at 304-748-5225.

The main goal of St. Paul School’s before and aftercare is to provide a safe, secure, and enriching atmosphere where the children receive quality care. Children must be enrolled in St. Paul Catholic School to receive this service.

This program is offered to serve working families of St. Paul School who desire both Catholic school education and supplemental daycare in a Christian environment for their children.


  • 6:45 AM – 8:00 AM
  • 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

If later than 5:00, please call the school (304) 748-5225.

Please call the school office a day ahead of time if a child needs to utilize the morning program and/or to stay after 5:30 PM (if the child is not scheduled to come in the morning, there may not be anyone onsite).

Hourly Fee:  $5.00

Registration Fee:  $25.00

Registration Fee is non-refundable and covers insurance, supplies, and initial set-up costs. Fees are paid once a year and must be paid before children can use this program. Registrations are taken at any time during the school year.

There is a minimum of one-hour fee per day. Monthly statements will be sent to the home address.

More detailed information is available at the school office or by calling (304) 748-5225.

Download the aftercare registration form here!

Our Catholic Identity is evident from the moment you enter our school building. We begin each day with prayer and celebrate weekly school Mass. Religion is taught daily in the classroom and Sacramental preparation is also offered. Our Religious teachings are what sets us apart from other school systems. We embody our beliefs and accept one another, without judgment. We pray together, we celebrate each other’s successes and come together as a family when we are in need. Visit our school, and you will FEEL the St. Paul School difference from the moment you enter our doors.

What if I’m not Catholic?

 St. Paul School welcomes students from all walks of life, faiths, and religious backgrounds. As a Catholic School, we advocate for holistic development; which intrinsically includes one’s personal religious and spiritual growth. We promote the practice of faith in our students, faculty, and staff while holding fast to the principles of religious freedom; encouraging individuals and groups to practice as they choose.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2020-21 recipient of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Medal Award, Grace Glover! This is the highest award that a student can receive from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston!

Way to go, STEM Challenge winners, Mira & Addy! They built the strongest bridge! The bridge had to be 50 cm apart, supporting at least 50 grams at the center, made only of craft supplies. It held 6,715 grams! Way to go!

7th Grade student, Megan Brinkley, has continued the “Sandwich Making” project that was initiated by St. Paul School Alumna, Kateyland Costa. On Tuesdays, our students & teachers stay after school to make sandwiches for the Friendship Room of Steubenville.

8th Grade Spelling Bee Finalists, Grace & Trey

Congratulations to our 4-6th Grade Girls basketball team for placing 3rd in the WPL this season!

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