When it was time for our kids to begin preschool, we knew there was no other place we’d want to send them than to St. Paul School. We had heard about the positive, nurturing environment there and were eager to give our kids the best start in education they could receive. After our daughter finished preschool, we decided to give the public school a try, but we missed the sense of community being a part of St. Paul School gave us. When the pandemic struck, we knew that we would need that sense of community and safety again, and sent our now third-grade daughter and kindergarten son back to where they began. We couldn’t be happier with the decision. Not only were we welcomed back with open arms, but also we found everything we were missing. Our children have a safe environment in which to learn, and they are thriving. They haven’t missed a beat, even in these unexpected times, and their teachers continue to hold them to expectations they need to succeed. We’re grateful for the positive impact St. Paul School has had, not only on our children’s’ education but also on our family.