St. Paul School is blessed by the generosity of so many benefactors, alumni, school families, parishioners, and friends who have invested in the future of our students, teachers, and school by donating a financial gift. These gifts help to support our programs (academic, religious, fine arts, and athletics), our technology needs and upgrades, and our tuition assistance fund. There are many ways to make a gift to St. Paul School:
Cash Donation
Cash or check donations will be put to immediate use. We can also now accept credit card donations through the PayPal button. 


Memorial Donations

St. Paul School accepts memorial donations in memory of loved ones. Families are notified of all donations made to the school.

Donate towards Scholarship Funds

  • The “Fr. Tom Scholarship Fund” awards money to families searching for a Catholic Education but in need of financial assistance.
  • The “Terri Marino Memorial Scholarship” will go to a student going into the 4 year old preschool program at St. Paul School who needs financial assistance.
  • The “John and Angela Antonelli Foundation” award funds an 8th-grade student that will be attending Madonna High School the following year.
  • The “Sarah Smalley Memorial Scholarship” is awarded to an 8th-grade student that will be attending Madonna High School the following year.

Stock that has increased in value is a popular asset used for charitable giving, once it has been held for a minimum of one year.

Retirement Plan Assets
To maximize the value of a retirement account, you may consider making a lifetime gift of its after-tax values to a tax-exempt deferred giving plan.

Savings Bonds
Likely the nation’s most widely held appreciated asset, Savings Bonds that may have stopped growing can be put to good use. A tax-wise use for your appreciated savings bonds is to support a cause you care about.

Real Estate
Using real estates, such as your home, farm, or commercial property, to fund a gift allows you to preserve your cash assets, receive significant tax and income advantages, and make a larger charitable gift than anticipated.

Closely Held Stock
A donation of your closely held stock is a great way for you to make a sizable charitable contribution while realizing valuable tax benefits.

Life Insurance
Donating your life insurance could be a wonderful way to fulfill your desire to support the mission of St. Paul School. By naming St. Paul School the beneficiary of an existing policy, you make good use of your resources and expand your ability to make a significant gift.

To make a charitable gift by will, it’s best to meet with your attorney to discuss and update your will. Tell him/her exactly what you want to do and to whom you wish to make a gift.

For more information on making a financial gift to our school, please contact the St. Paul School Development Office at 304-748-5225. We thank you for your consideration!

Each year, donations from families and friends of St. Paul School help students benefit from all that our school has to offer.  The St. Paul Annual Fund is our annual appeal for contributions from alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, parents, staff, and friends of St. Paul School to help defray the costs of a Catholic education that tuition revenue alone does not cover.

These funds will support all areas of St. Paul School, including religious activities, instructive materials, technology upgrades, building improvements, and tuition assistance.  Please join us and help us reach 100% participation from the entire school community!  Every gift counts.

The St. Paul School Annual Fund runs from July 1st through June 30th to coincide with our fiscal year. Contributions are happily accepted at any time.

We are so thankful for our supportive and generous community members that have shared in the joy of giving this year.

SPS Annual Fund Pledge Form

Adopt-A-Student (Full Tuition)

St. Paul Church Holy Name Society

Emerald Giving Society 

David & Margie Duerr
The Ovington Foundation
George & Mary Kremer Foundation
Dream Big Swim Academy – Lacey Bennett
St. Paul Church Christian Mothers
St. Paul Church Holy Name Society
Damon & Leigh Enos
Danny & Carolee Sikora
Matt & Paula Moroz
James & Joan Baker
Donna Robinson
Dr. George & Kristina Ash
Frank and Anna Bravchok Foundation
Jane M. Lagrotteria in Memory of George M. Molnar
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chiodi
Joe & Kim Edmiston
St. Paul Church Cemetery
Starvaggi Industries
Gary & Barbie Balint
Lee & Lillian Fant
Dave & Janet Owens
Dan & Linda Spickard

Principal’s Club

Janet Caprarese
Serra Foundation
Dr. A.J. Mesaros, Jr.
Robert D. Jones
Kathleen & Paul’s Portrait Gallery
Guy & Christine Holmes
Michael & Nikki Birkhimer
Rick & Debbi Witkowski
Theo Yanni’s Restaurant
West Virginia Catholic Foundation
Maxwell Welding & Machine, Inc.
Mike & Suzy Mastrantoni

Shamrock Club

Rob & Marcie Morris
Michael & Marian Grubor
Nat “Sonny” Marino
Jordan Chilensky
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Lesho
Mark & Maryanne Schiffner
Mary Ann Maxwell
Geoff & Rosemary Griffith
Andrew Caprarese
Anna & Hagen Gillespie
N.F. Mansuetto & Sons
Casey & Samantha Kress
Patricia Gowan
First Choice America Community Federal Credit Union
Robert & Sally Skrab
Joe & Caitlin McLane

Irish Club

PJ & Maria Good
Janet Ross
Shafer Electric & Construction
Michael A. & Christine M. Thomas
John & Honey Moore
Paul & Pat Neeley
Ron & Sharon Higgins
Janet Caprarese
Adam & Brandi Helinski
Rosemary Gilkey
Ben & Lindsay Feesler
James & Carla Gianni Young
David & Christine Antonelli
Michael Gianni
Lisa Best
Andrew Caprarese
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ballato
David & Maribeth Edwards In Memory of Mary Edwards
George & Charlotte Vargo
William Rendulich
Mark & Maryanne Schiffner
Rick Yoder
Lynn C. Wright
Donna Vorhees
Daniel & Christine Taylor
Martha Sobolewski
Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Sagan
Joe & Cindi Revay
Christine Rees
Dave & Mary Owens
Hancock County School Employees FCU
George & Jackie Gaughenbaugh
Mark Deschaine
Russell Curry
Rebecca Gianni Biacco
Hayden & Shelley Greenlief
Martha L. Brinsko
Sam & Wendy Rees
Matt Sovine
Bill & Joyce Shreve
John Kraina
Raymond & Sandra Holmes
Roger & Patti Cowan
Charles & Lori Ballato
Mary Hadobas
Russ & Monica Murray
Sharon Shushok
Gerry & Joan Schott
JLB Construction LLC
Bill Connolly
Brandon & Ashlie Maxwell
Wine & Beverage Merchants of WV
Thomas Wilding
Richard & Jill Westfall
Weirton Geriatric Center
Rinaldo & Melissa Veltri
Daniel Troia
Cindy Toth
Michelle Tomshack
Gary & Susan Soplinski
Dan Sieg
Joseph Settimio
James & Erica Sauer
Fred Salancy
S.M. Magnone, CPA
Richard & Noreen Saxon
Professional Tire & Alignment
John Porco
James & Wendy Neill
Michael Morra
Bruce & Jesamyn Marshall
Shane & Cassandra Mark
Mario’s Restaurant
Carol Mallory
Lyle’s Auto LLC
Joan Lauttamus
Hood’s Pharmacy
Patricia Grimes
Fr. Jason Glover
Shane Gillespie & Katherine Morgan
Joe & Ruth Feesler
Elizabeth Feesler
Jessica Wright
Christopher & Angel Edmiston
Bill & Mary Jane Edmiston
Bob & Jerrica Dalfol
Evelyn Cruz
Wilson & Linda Cole
John & Alissa Brun
Jocelyn Boni
Christopher & Sierra Blair
Steve Baker
Justin Baker & Megan Viltro
Erika Baker
Chelsea Arthurs
Allegheny Environmental
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Alatis

Friends of St. Paul School

Capital Funding, LLC

Ferguson Tire Service

AmazonSmile Foundation

Bethani’s Bouquets


Brittany Alexander

Fran Alexander

J.W. and Michele Amaismeier


Jerry & Mary Kay Angelo

Jessica Antell

Roberta Antinone

Linda Ard

Ken & Mary Jean Aspenleiter in honor of Tom & Elva Osaba

Aunt Sis

Robert Babinchak

Victor & Beverly Baczewski

Thelma and Carol Baird

Michael and Amy Baker

Colleen Barcaskey

William Barrett

Natasha Basil

Brad and Gin Battista

Shannon Bauer

Brian and Autumn Beatty

Jess Bennett

Jason Bennett

Linda Benyo

Lila Benyo

Jennifer Best

Jeanette Bibbs Buffington

Dale Birkhimer

Cynthia Birkhimer & Ted Priebe

Bernard and Doretta Bish


Donald and Anne Blankenship

Fred Boley

Aaron Bonacci

Shea Bonacci

Daniel and Heather Bone

Allison Bones

Wayne and Barbara Bonovich

Nancy Boros

Jeff Bradley

Rocky and Michele Bragg

Bob Brauch

Tammy Briggs

Jennifer Brindisi

Josh & Richelle Brinkley

Andrea Brooks

Kimberly Brown

Jonathan & Christina Brown

Sheridan Buffington

Charles & Joann Bugin

Erin Burdine

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Burris

Jeraldine Byers

Donald Bywaters

Abraham & Francesca Camacho

Barbara Campbell

Irene Canala

Frank Canistraro

Johnny Capito

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Capobianco

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Capobianco

Edward Caprarese

Matthew and Jamie Caprarese

Graphics In Print

Anderson’s Candy

Alisa Castellucci

Elle Castellucci

Rocco and Delores Castellucci

Darcie Castellucci

Sheila Cavalet

Brandon Cestaric

Jannette Clark

Beverly Clifton-Lowe


Maria Colantonio

Jim Colvin

Jessica Connell

Timothy and Christine Connell

Beverly Connelly

Michele Contemelio

Bryan Cook

Kyle Cooper

Frank and Gracie  Corona

Patricia Corsale

Trisha Costa

Christopher and Jessica Cox

Milan Coxen

John Crocetti

Michael Cucarese

Rebecca Culler

William & Jennifer Culler

Matthew Cullinan and Alicia Smitsky

Michael and Beverly Cullinan

Karen Cullinan

Christopher and Stacy Cullinan

Antoinette D’Aco

Robert and Cathy Dalfol

Laurie Dankovchik

Weirton Eye Clinic, Inc.

Joseph DeCaria

Bruno DeCaria

Erica DeCaria

Lorenzo and Erica DeCaria

Robert DeCesare

Timothy Dee

John Dee Jr.

Jim DeMarco

Mark DeSimone

Patrick DeSimone and Morgan Gaumer

Michael Devereaux

Derek DiAngelo

Donna DiAngelo

Becky DiAngelo

Mr. & Mrs. Rob DiAngelo

Shirley DiCarlantonio

Dustin Dickinson and Ashley Connelly

Jaime Dintini

Maria’s Designs

Donald Donaldson

Ms. Claudia Dorich

Jeff and Kristin Doughty

Steven Dragisich

Cheryl Duff

Patricia Dugas

David Dugas

Bill Dugas

David Edge

Melody Edmiston

Marlene Edwards

Fr. Babu Joseph Elamturuthil

Christopher & Jessica Engle

Sue Englehart

Lee and Rose Ensminger

Donna Ensor

Ms. Barbara Fahey-Walker

Murdock Family

Vocelli Pizza

Rebecca Fazi

Becky Fazi

Feaster Properties, LLC

Karen Ferguson

Mr. & Mrs. James Ferrell

Jeff & Jennifer Fiedorczyk

Mrs. Fijewski

Mr. & Mrs. Rober Finley

Sandra Flowers

Frank & Kelly  Flynn

Brandy Folda

Brian Folda

Tina Folda

Jessica Fowler

Sally Ann Frantz

Martha Frantz

Danny Frio

St. Joseph the Worker School

Rachel Gaughenbaugh

Lauren Gaughenbaugh

Megan Gaumer

Meg Gillespie

Beth Ann Gilloon

Betty Jo Gilloon

Richard Glover

Deb Goodnight

Shaunna Graley

Marjorie Grammer

Mike and Amy Granato

Monica Grossi

Cheryl Guzzo

Anthony and Megan Guzzo

Paul Guzzo

LuAnn Guzzo

Robert Hall

Paula Hall

Marlene Hamilton

Andrew Hanson

Rick & Cindy Harcharik

Patricia Harris

Robin Harto

Hauser Furniture Co.

Dean & Barbara Heinen

Alexis Held

Jamie Hess

Nicholas  Higgins

Dennis Highsmith

Linda Hipkiss

Kathy Hirkala

Ms. Sarah Holmes

Catherine Hommer

Joshua Horowitz

John Hosler

Faye Hvizdzak

Mary and Bert Ingram

Dennis Ireland

Robin Jackson

Jo Ann Jamison

Brian and Melissa Jasko

Dante & Ayana Jeter

Casey Johns

Warren Johnson

Luke Johnson

Maureen Jones

Jody Karavanic-Bischoff

Mike and Nancy Karavolos

Erin Keenan

Diane Keller

Phillip Kelly

Lawrence Kimball Jr

Mary Ann Kinder In Memory of Frances Veltri

Amy Kirlangitis

George and Vern Kobulnicky

Denise and Louis Kolar

Sarah Kolar

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Kontra

Brenda Koski

Jordan and Britny Koski

Ryan & Marie Kostur

Barbara Kotch

Elizabeth Kotch & Jason Hultz

Matthew Kovarik

JK Photography

Joseph and Kaitlin Kraina

Mark Kress

Kensington Investments

Jesse and Erin Krieg

William & Dianne Krivanek

Mary Ann Krupinski

Sandra Kuczynski

Joe Kulin

Mary Jane Lalama

Phyllis Lantz

Jim and Kim Larch

Jeff and Brianna Lauttamus

Harold Leasure

Joe Lemal and Megan Moroz

Jim Lemal

Roger and Lucia Lenhart

John and Tina Lesho

John and Marianne Lesho

Katelyn Lesho & Matt Sovine

Madonna High School

Sam and Kathy Licata

Michael Locke

Long Family

Cynthia Longwell

Thomas Lorello

Janice Lough

Joseph & Dana Lounder

Robert Lowe

James Macken

Carol Magliocca

Shirley Mankey

Tamera Mankey

Christine Mankowski

Gabriella Manni

Michelle Manown

William Marino

Robert and Debra Marino

Rose Mark

Todd & Michele Martin

A.D. and Stephanie Mastrantoni

Lisa Matthew

Stephen Maus


Larry Mazzella

Matt & Kay Mazzella

Eric and Michelle Mazzella

Diane McAfee

Charlotte McAllister

Jason and Beth McCarthy

Toni McCartney

Melissa McCartney

Joseph McCombs

James McCoy

Nancy McCoy

Timothy & Mary Ellen McFadden

Erin McFarland

Collin McGee

Jeff McKeegan

Janet McLaughlin

Scott & Lorrie McMahon

Valerie Meador

Jennifer Meeker

Stephen Metcalf

Jason and Lynn Miller

Bruce Miller

Jeff and Karla Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Miller

Katrina Mills

Brian Molka

Gary Mooney

Edward Morgan III

Sandy Morra

Morra Family

Amy Morrison

Jerry and Jill Mullens

Luke and Jana Myers

Alissa Nardone

Kevin & Jeanie Neverly

Jessica Nicklow

Howard Nikolaus

Erika Oliver

Debi Orecchio

Margaret Ortitay

Joann Ortitay

Todd Osleger

Kent and Mallory Osleger

Nancy Oughton

Julie Owens

Annette Page

Dennis and Denise Palcic

Joseph Palcic

Sam Paletta

Ms. Dorothy Panko

Dave Pasierb

John Pasierb

Marilyn Perhacs

Payton Perkins

Larry and Lisa Perrone

Minnie Pete

Anne Peterson

Mark Petrel

James and Lori Petrell

Mary Ann Petrelle

Todd Phillipson

Rhonda Piccirillo

Bridget Pieniazek

Mark and Susie Pietranton

Darla Pletcher

Tara Pletcher

Elsie Pompa

Curtis Postlethwait

Paul Pownall

Patricia Prato

Jody Pryor

Corinne Purks

Patricia Purpura

Rachel Reardon

James R. and Erva J. Reardon

Thomas Reed

Douglas Reese

Tyler Reese

Nicole Renee

Anna Marie Riesterer

Gladys Riggs

Lonny and Jayda Riggs

Anna Ritter

Mark Roberts

Bonnie Roberts

Steve Roberts

MaryLou Rodgers

Mark Rodriguez

John Roman

Donald and Margaret Rossi

Kent Ruiz

Debbie Rutherford

Cory and Kristina Ryan

Virginia Rybka

Judy Sabo

Brittany Sabo

Anna Sadler

Barbara Sadler

Blaine Sadler

Brendon Sadler

Sara Sanders

Shawn and Amber Sargent

Schott Family

St. Joseph The Worker Parish

Patricia Schultz

D. Lance Scott

Barbara Scott

David Seitz

Karen Seitz-Lafianza

Mikel and Nicole Serafine

Anthony Sessi

Heidi Sforza

Matt and Diahanna Shafer

Olivia Shafer

Raymond Shaffer

Bradley and Kathleen Shaffer

Kristina Shelton

Bill Shingleton

Ed and Carrie Shultz

Mary Shultz

Carrie Shultz

Roseann Shultz

Marnie Shushok

Tom & Linda Skrab

Steven and Monica Slanchik

George and Joanne Slanchik

Neal Smith

Donald Smith

Joy Smith

John Soplinski

James and Mallory Souffrant

Doris Sperlazza

Mark and Sharon Sperlazza

Charles Spohn

Michelle Spontak

Wayne Stefanovich

Paige Stevens

Patricia Stewart

Amber Stewart

Oliver & Casey Stone

Lindsey Stover

Jenny Stucin

John & Becky Szczerbinski

M/M Tarowsky

Ms. Amira Taylor

Mary Ann Taylor

Theresa Teresh

Joann Thaler

Michael and Kelly Thomas

Vicki Thompson

Tarry Tipton

Paul Tokash

Andrew Tomshack

Timothy Toomey

Joseph Toth

Eric & Rachel Townsend

Regis Traubert Jr.

Kati Travis

Brian Trischler

Vince & Maureen Trivoli

Timothy & Donna Tucker

Kristin Tuell

Rob Tulenko

Donald Valasek

Michael and Patricia Valero

Nick Valero

Kirk Vander Kamp

Katherine VanTornhout

Joann  Varner

Victoria Vensel

Tess Vigil

Albert John Viltro

Rose Volpi

Ronald Wade

Bryan and Rebecca Wade

Sharon Wade

Jeannie Walden

James Wamback

Tracey Ward

Ms. Jane Waskiewicz

Mr. Robert Waskiewicz

Don Watkins

Walter Watkins

Brian Scott Welsh

Adam and Olivia Welsh

Sylvia Wendt

Keith Westlake

Robert Whirl

Robert Whitcomb

Dorene M Wilkerson

Sherri Williams

Joey Wilson

Hazel Wilson

Christopher and Julie Wilson

Loveland Sweet Shoppe

William Wolfe

Steve Woods

Cecilia Wounaris

Judy Wright

Jake Wright

Marge Yenchochic

Charles Yoder

Jeff & Christina Yoder

Chuck Young

John Young

David Zapka

Louise Zuza

*as of June 1, 2021

St. Paul School Night at the Races

Friday, November 18, 2022
6 pm
St. Paul School Cafeteria

Night at the Races Sponsor form

For additional information, please contact

St. Paul School initiated our first giving society during the 2019-20 school year. The Emerald Giving Society is a means to honor our highest level of donors to St. Paul School. These donors are those who support the school at a level of $1,000.00 or more per household and/or business through the current Annual Fund Campaign. Donors can achieve this level through any combination of personal giving, through an employment match opportunity, or through a donation by a business that the donor owns if applicable. As unrestricted gifts to the annual fund, the support provided by Emerald Society Members allow the school’s administration to complete projects and upgrades to the school that otherwise would not have been financially possible. Support from the Society can also be utilized to ensure that the school can meet budgetary requirements and remain in a secure financial position in the future. Pledged support is also critically important to the school for planning purposes. Please visit the links below for further information or contact our Advancement Office at 304-748-5225 or email

Emerald Society FAQs

Emerald Society Pledge Form


Thank you to our current supporters*!

Jim & Joan Baker
Gary & Barbie Balint
Brittni Scott Ballantine
Frank & Maria Chiodi
Dream Big Swim Academy
Joe & Kim Edmiston
Jane Molnar Lagrotteria
Maxwell Welding & Machine
Dave & Janet Owens
Ron & Sharon Rogowski
Dan & Linda Spickard
Starvaggi Charities, INC.
Joseph & Theresa Veltri

*as of April 2022

2020-2021 Members:

David & Margie Duerr
Dream Big Swim Academy – Lacey Bennett
St. Paul Church Christian Mothers
St. Paul Church Holy Name Society
Damon & Leigh Enos
Danny & Carolee Sikora
Matt & Paula Moroz
James & Joan Baker
Donna Robinson
Dr. George & Kristina Ash
Frank and Anna Bravchok Foundation
Jane M. Lagrotteria in Memory of George M. Molnar
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chiodi
Joe & Kim Edmiston
St. Paul Church Cemetery
Starvaggi Industries
Gary & Barbie Balint
Lee & Lillian Fant
Dave & Janet Owens
Dan & Linda Spickard
James & Roxanne Mazzone

2019-2020 Charter Members:
Gary & Barbie Balint
Michael & Nikki Birkhimer
Joe & Kim Edmiston
Lee & Lillian Fant
Dan & Laura Guida
Ron & Sharon Higgins
Jamie & Julie Lesho
Mike & Suzy Mastrantoni
Dave & Janet Owens
Donna Robinson
Jared & Jessica Robinson
Ron & Sharon Rogowski
Dan & Carolee Sikora
Joseph & Theresa Veltri


St. Paul School is THRILLED to participate in the 3rd Annual, Diocese-wide, One Mission One Day online giving campaign.
Last year, St. Paul School raised over $29,000.00 from over 300 donors!

WHEN: Tuesday, May 3, 2022


WHAT: One Mission, One Day is a 24-hour online giving campaign that directly benefits our school and our students. Proceeds from the previous campaigns helped MANY of our families by contributing to our financial aid program as well as much-needed upgrades to our classrooms.


 “The Sky Is The Limit” Gala
Saturday, June 12, 2021
Serbian Picnic Grounds

Get your Gala Tickets Here!!!

Click here for more information

Updated Gala Sponsorship Form 2021


Starvaggi Industries

Meyers, Evans, Lupetin & Unatin, LLC

Rokisky, McCune, Wilharm, & Blair
Professional Tire & Alignment
Patriot Energy Services, LLC

Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston
James T. Sauer & Associates
Rick Stead Family

Dr. Nikki A. Nazionale-Birkhimer, DDS
Brendan & Lacey Lupetin
First Choice America
Edmiston Development Services, LLC
Chapman Properties
James White Construction
Lifetime Financial Growth
Vocelli Pizza

Gus’s Goodies
Mario’s Restaurant
Locus Bio-Energy Solutions
N.F. Mansuetto & Sons, INC
D’Anniballe & Company, Inc.
Serra Villiage Retirement Community
Dittmar, Taylor, Makricostas
L & L  Lawn Care
Dream Big Swim Academy

Allegheny Environmental
Dee Jays BBQ Ribs
Drs. Alain & Cynthia Alimario
ERB Electric
Ferguson Tire Pros
Hancock School Employees F.C.U.
H.E. Neumann Co.
Hood’s Pharmacy
Jack Fowler State Farm Agent
Lyle’s Auto
Pro Insurance Group-Brittni Scott
P.S. Marketing
Reasner Funeral Home
Richard & Noreen Saxon
Scott Gittings for Sheriff
SDI Environmental
Shop N’ Save
State Farm Insurance– Jack Fowler
Steven Dragisich for Hancock County Prosecution Attorney
Steve Svokas for Hancock County Magistrate
Tin Mill Employees Federal Credit Union
Trinity Health System
Weirton Lumber Company
Weirton Police FOP Lodge 84
Weirton Rotary Club
Wine and Beverage Merchants of WV, INC

Thank you to ALL that graciously participated in our 2020 Giving Tuesday Campaign.
Because of your generosity, we were able to purchase hardware for EVERY teacher!

Due to Covid-19, the 2021 St. Paul School Golf Outing has been canceled. 

Born August 16, 1936–Died April 30, 2008

Pastor of St. Paul Parish
1983 — 2002

With deep love, unfailing dedication and a wonderful good humor, he served our parish community and the people of West Virginia. May the Risen Jesus now welcome him to the joyous company of all the saints in God’s Kingdom.

A Lasting Memorial and Tribute

Given Fr. Tom’s love of children and St. Paul Catholic School, the Pastoral and Finance Councils of the parish have established the Fr. Tom Scholarship Fund

This permanent endowment in the West Virginia Catholic Foundation will provide scholarships for families of the parish in need who wish to send their children to our school. The principal of this fund will not be touched; only the interest will be used. The Councils established this Fund with the first donation of $1000 from the parish. Additional checks may be made payable to St. Paul Church or School.

Various vendors donate a certain percentage of sales to schools.  Listed below are such vendors that include St. Paul School as a participant.

Amazon Smile

0.05% of Smile Purchases go directly to St. Paul School.



Enroll your Kroger Plus Card with Kroger Community Rewards and choose St. Paul School– Weirton #81133

Shop ‘N Save

Enroll your Shop n Save Perks card with the Shop n Save SEED (Students Extra Educational Development) program with CODE 24 for St. Paul School.

Office Depot

Shop using our school ID and we’ll receive 5% back in credits for FREE supplies — 70111884

Box Tops

 Scan your receipt using the NEW “Box Tops” App

Market Day

Visit, Register online, and set up an account, select ST. PAUL SCHOOL—WEIRTON WV, our school will receive 10% back on all sales!

Employee Match

Your gifts to St. Paul School could be doubled or tripled by your employer.
Speak to your HR department.